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Anxiety – Depression and Self-Help

Dignity Street Foundation is a charity, whose purpose is to promote sound knowledge and best practice in Stress Management and Holistic Wellbeing.  If you would like further information please contact Dignity Street admin via this link.

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Changing Attitudes Towards Mental Health

Many people experiencing mental health problems say that the social stigma attached to mental ill health prevents them from seeking advice, 1 in 4  people in the UK are experiencing mental health issues such as stress anxiety and depression.

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Confidence and Self-Esteem Courses

David has been teaching Personal Development and self-help for nearly a quarter of a century, in his unique confidence, self-esteem, motivation and assertiveness one and two-day courses.

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Holistic Approach to Mental Health

Are you confused about the meaning of holistic? This is not surprising, since there are 2 separate accepted uses of the term. The original definition was an approach to health which considers the whole person and how he or she interacts with his or her  

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Personal and Work Related Stress

Everyone has stress from the businessman, to the child at play that seems without a care in the world stress is a natural part of life. In a world where the only constant is change, it comes as no surprise that life has become universally stressful.

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Phobias and Self-Help

Phobias often leads to a constricted lifestyle, and is particularly devastating for its effects on a person’s willingness to attempt certain activities.

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Podcast and Online Radio Station

Dignity Street Podcast and Online Self-help Radio Station. Broadcasting all the latest news and events.

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Sleep Better Without Medication

Our bodies can survive weeks without food and water, but sleep deprivation can affect us within hours.  Regular sleep is essential for our wellbeing and while sleep requirements vary from person to person, 

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What People Say

Kenny Miller
Since becoming a student, I wonted to become a charity volunteer. Their various activities have given me a lot of experience. I have met and helped many people and made many new friends, it has also increased my self-confidence in so many positive ways.
Akira Tunr
Through becoming a volunteer I now understand the many difficulties and discrimination that disadvantaged people face.
Tony Brown
I always want to join a charity and become a volunteer and join in there activities. The various activities I have participated in have given me a lot of new experience, I have met many disadvantaged people and know that there are many more disadvantaged people out there that need our help.
Peter Jackson
Since I become a volunteer I understand the many challenges that disadvantaged people face. In order to help resolve there problems, our nonprofit organisation Is proud to present self-help training courses that equip people with the skills necessary to take control of there life in a positive way.