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We support people over 16 years of age, suffering Stress Anxiety Depression (SAD) regardless of race gender or sexual orientation. Clients can be referred by a Doctor, Health Practitioner, Charity or Self refer.

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Diagnostic Stress Assessment

Our on-line client Diagnostic test, is a set of yes/no questions about Stress Anxiety Depression (SAD) and life’s events, it will help identify if a person is suffering from Stress Anxiety Depression (SAD). 
The questionnaire is designed to measure the four related negative emotional states of stress, anxiety, depression and

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Dignity Street Stress & Resilience Course

The only constant in life is change, so it’s no surprise that life has become universally stressful. We will help you, to regain control over your life with our unique Stress-Wise Resilience Master Class course.

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Dignity Streets Unique Stress-Wise and Resilience Master Class Courses & Events Taking Place 2019 This section is updated weekly, should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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The purpose of the stress response (Fight or Flight) is to give you more energy as and when required. This energy can then be used to help you meet deadlines and deal with crises easily and calmly.

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Living With Stress-Anxiety-Depression

Dignity Street Foundations purpose, is promoting sound knowledge and best practice in Mental Health and Well-Being. We support people experiencing or suffering from Stress Anxiety Depression (SAD)

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Mind – Body – Soul * Holistic Health Care

Are you confused about holistic health-care? If yes, this is not surprising since there are two separate uses of the term. In the and It’s all about you, taken personal responsibility for your mind and body.

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Pre-loved Clothing Dignity Street Fashions

Wearing a suit or outfit and being suitably dressed improves our self-confidence what we wear affects how we are perceived by others, especially during an interview or starting a new job.

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Transformed Lives Annual Awards

Dignity Street Annual Awards. Recognising people living In Wales who have suffered Mental Health Issues, and have transformed their lives regardless of there race gender and sexual orientation.

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