Dignity Street

Registered Charity (CIO) in England & Wales No: 1177171

Our Aims

"Our vision is nothing less than realising the full potential of those, who maybe experiencing Stress Anxiety Depression (SAD). We would like to offer them our Stress Wise Resilience Course, to help improve there Health and Well-being Including achieving Self-Confidence, Self-esteem and to assist them making a difference to their lives". Nicola Matthews Co-Founder and Vice-Chair
To promote good health and well-being, and to provide support and relief, with the provision of our Stress-Wise Resilience courses. “Our constant aim, to help people change their lives for the better. Throughout all our work this central, powerful objective remains always true.” David P Briscombe Co-Founder and Chair

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Co-Founder and Vice-Chair
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Co-Founder and Trustee

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