Who We Are

Dignity Street Well-Being Foundation is the brainchild of David Briscombe, who formed the charity with the support of Trustees  John Ward and David’s fellow health professionals Dr Beverley Steffert PhD and Dr Tony Steffert PhD.

The charity was formed to help everyone with mental health issues regardless of their ability to pay for treatment.

Depending on the economic circumstances of clients, Dignity Street Foundation provides mental health support services on a sliding scale from Free to Subsidised by our Foundation.

Our Work

We support people in all sections of society, from employers and their staff, public sector organisations, to the unemployed and most vulnerable in society.

We fundraise and seek corporate support and public funding in order to deliver our support including one-to-one counselling virtual reality therapy and courses, to the neediest in society.

Dignity Street support includes self-care, well-being and resilience planning, counselling, mentoring, Including virtual reality therapy and a range of self-help training programmes. We provide new skills and the resilience to equip our clients with scientifically proven coping mechanisms for mental health issues, stress, anxiety and depression.

Our Mental Health Team

Dr Beverley Steffert PhD
Dr Beverley Steffert PhD
Dr Beverley Steffert is a renowned Chartered Psychologist and Neuropsychologist.
David Briscombe P.D.M.S.M. M.I.S.M.A.
David Briscombe P.D.M.S.M. M.I.S.M.A.
David is the Chairman and co-founder of Dignity Street and is responsible for development and training.
Dr Tony Steffert PhD
Dr Tony Steffert PhD
Tony’s area of special interest is the link between dyslexia and creativity and the use of VR in neurofeedback.

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Support for Businesses

Support for Individuals

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“Your mental health is a priority. Your happiness is an essential. Your self-care is a necessity”

“Self-care is how you take your power back”

“The most powerful words you can say to someone with an invisible illness are: I believe in you”

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