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Dignity Streets Unique Stress-Wise and Resilience Master Class Courses & Events Taking Place 2019 This section is updated weekly, should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

“Pay it Forward Day” The 28th April 2019

Dignity Street Foundation is proud to be participating during the ninth year, the UK is officially celebrating Pay it Forward Day on the 28th April 2019.  People will be invited to join a worldwide movement in performing random acts of kindness to 3 or more people and asking those people to do the same. Last year, people in 85 countries took part in Pay it Forward Day. We are currently working on our programme itinerary, and the website will be updated shortly

 December 2019

Dignity Street Awards are open to everyone regardless of race gender and sexual orientation, and recognises people who are unemployed disadvantaged or vulnerable living in Wales, and made an outstanding achievement whether it was personal or to help someone in their community. Read more