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Employers advertise and recruit Free…

If you’re looking to recruit people and want your organisation recognised, as an employer who is proud to help people in need find a job and help them retrieve there dignity. Dignity Street Foundations  Job Match Members Club initiative may help you find the right person with the skills and attitude that you’re looking for.

Why not advertise *free your full/part time or seasonal vacancy with us? Our aim is to help people find roles, with organisations who are committed to equality for their staff. We give organisations a platform to attract full/part time and seasonal staff to their workplaces by advertising there job opportunities with us.  Jobs Adverts are vetted by Dignity Street admin before they’re allowed to go live on the site  *Terms and conditions apply.

 Employers can post a job vacancy via this link


Members can view job vacancies via this link

Members advertise their skills (Learn More)

Dignity Street Club Members can advertise their experience and skills, on the website for prospective employers to view free of charge. Placing a profile and CV’s is only available to Club Members and the profile and CV application must be submitted from the Members Portal and be approved by admin before it will be placed on the website. Call in and have a chat with our job match volunteers.  Employers wishing to contact a member regarding there CV’s MUST do so through our office in the first instance. Data Protection Act: *Terms and conditions apply to Profile and CV Content.

Employers can view a Members Profile and CV via this link

(This Link is Currently Under Construction)