Dignity Street is extremely proud to have our course officially recognised by the International Stress Management Association (ISMA). We are also honoured to have become the first charity in the UK to be granted this status since ISMA was established over 30 years ago

Our achievement of Chartered certification gives clients of Dignity Street reassurance that our courses have been scrutinised and approved to the highest professional standards in our field both for the UK and internationally.

According to ISMA certification provides us with: “Recognition in the field of stress management, wellbeing and performance at work and a level of quality assurance for those attending your training and education courses.”

In granting us certification after a stringent adjudication process, ISMA informed Dignity Street that:

“This is an excellent course and the standard of the material is extremely high quality. We are delighted that you have achieved Course Recognition and wish you success with this and all future courses.”

About ISMA

With branches in 6 countries, the International Stress Management Association is one of the world’s leading bodies promoting sound knowledge in the prevention and reduction of stress.

A registered charity ISMA is the lead professional organisation for workplace and personal Stress Management, Well-being and Performance.

An advocate of best practice in our profession, ISMA sets professional standards of the benefit of individuals and organisations using the service of its members.

The Association represents a multi-disciplinary professional health and well-being membership.

As one of the UK’s leading advocates and practitioners of stress management and associated mental health expertise, our Founder and Chairman, David Briscombe has been proud to have been a member of ISMA for many years.

For more information on ISMA please visit: https://isma.org.uk