Dignity Street

Registered Charity (CIO) in England & Wales No: 1177171

International Stress Awareness Day – 7th November 2018

In 2017, members of the Royal family made public statements of support on mental health-related issues. This was an unprecedented step away from the ‘buttoned-up’ dialogue traditionally expected from establishment figures. This intervention gives us hope that we may look forward to a new culture of openness about stress and mental health issues. With a shift in attitudes, we hope there will be a renewed interest in stress management.

Ending the stigma associated with mental health is an organisational imperative and ISMA [UK]’s focus for 2018 will continue to be to ensure that stress and mental health issues remain high on the national agenda together with the promotion of wellbeing in the workplace as promoted by The International Stress management Association ISMA.

On the 7th November – Dignity Street Foundation  

Will be presenting free stress awareness & mental health workshops

Details will be posted on the site shortly