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Welcome to Dignity Street the Home of Mental Health Resilience

Dignity Street Members Club

There are two categories of Free Membership – Associate and Full Member

Associate Member

Associate membership is available to every client or person, over 16 years of age that has attended our Stress-Wise Resilience Programme. Membership allows you to download Free MP3’s and Self-Help articles from our site. 

Full Member

Dignity Street clients that have attended the Stress-Wise Resilience Programme, may apply for Full Membership. Full Membership is the same as the associate member, and benefits include access to the Members Portal and job match.

We know that unemployment is often a cause of mental ill health. Dignity Street Club is free to join subject to application approval, and open to anyone suffering from, or is at risk of developing, a mental health disorder as a consequence of being unemployed regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation.

Members Portal and Job Match

Members can place a profile, CV and short video (which we will arrange free) on the Dignity Street on the Job Match page employers can view these page’s (but will not have access to address or contact details)

Employers can also post vacancies free of charge. the vacancies can only be viewed by club members.

All CV’s and Vacancies must be submitted to admin for approval, before we place them on the website. Why not call in and have a chat about writing a Job vacancy or CV with our job match manager. Data Protection Act: Employers wishing to contact a member regarding potential employment, must do so via our office in the first instance.      

Members Meetings

Members meet once a week, and the club will organise social events. Being a member is a great way of getting to know people, especially if you have just moved to a new area. You will also be meeting people who have previously attended one of our Stress-Wise Resilience courses.

Meetings are informal and will consist of discussions related to any queries members may have. This will also assist in the development of fundamental skills such as talking within a group, and will continue to increase your motivation self-confidence and self-esteem.

Members Personal Mentor

Each member is offered a personal mentor to support and guide them through their day to day journey with dignity Street, and especially whilst looking for employment and will continue to support them after there transition into a full-time or part-time position.


Employers are continuously looking for aspects on an applicants CV or application form that will help set that person apart from the competition. Becoming a member and getting involved in extra curricular activities can enhance your skills and boost your employability.