Tony’s area of special interest is the link between dyslexia and creativity and the use of VR in neurofeedback.

Tony is EEG Spectrum trained in neurofeedback (University Hospital, Groningen) and is an independent affiliate of EEG Spectrum International. He is a member of the Society of Applied Neuroscience and International Society for Neuronal Regulation and the Society of Applied Neuroscience. Tony has the London Neurology & Pain Clinic, 100 Harley Street London W1G 7JA  where he undertakes brain maps, neurofeedback, and training workshops his website is

Tony has a background in Bsc. design engineering (University of Westminster) MA designs (Central St Martin’s, London) and a PhD. in EEG Sonification (Open University). He specialises in brain measurement and is an experienced qEEG technician who has worked on a range of research projects including the ADHD and Neurofeedback study at Imperial College, London and a large EU project called Presencia at Goldsmith, which used standard and virtual reality neurofeedback to increase the creativity of actors, dancers and musicians.