Dignity Street

Welcome to Dignity Street the Home of Mental Health Resilience


Dignity Street Foundation’s partnerships with the fashion industry has help us create Dignity Street Fashions. Through these relationships, as well as clothing donations from the public, we are able to operate pop-up shops selling Gents and Ladies Clothing and Accessories which help fund our charity work.

Even more, people who are in economic hardship and members of Dignity Street Cub looking for work, our donations from fashion retailers and the public enables us to provide *free  Gents and Ladies clothing and accessories to help them attend job interviews, feeling positive and confident.

Wearing a great suit or outfit and being suitably dressed improves our self-confidence and what we wear affects how we are perceived by others, especially during an interview or starting a new job In order to enable us help people who can work back into work please support us. *Requests for clothing are validated before clothing or accessories are supplied to beneficiaries.

For more information on how to donate clothing to help us suitably dress candidates for interviews or help us to raise funds at our Pop-up Shops, to support people who have suffered Stress Anxiety Depression (SAD) or Mental Health Issues return to work please contact us.

There are many ways to get involved, from arranging clothing donations, fundraising, volunteering. For more information or to discuss ideas on how you could partner with us, please contact David Briscombe via this link.

The next Pop-Up Shop location will be advertised early January 2019

For more information about our services please contact david@dignitystreet.org