Take the guesswork out of your stress and wellbeing with our free confidential test.

Online screening is one of the quickest and easiest ways to determine whether you are experiencing symptoms of a mental health condition. Mental health conditions, such as stress, anxiety or moderate depression are really common and treatable.

Our free online test and appointment is a confidential way to find out about your mental health. This is a simple yes/no questionnaire which will help to indicate if you are suffering from stress, anxiety, depression or mental burnout. The questionnaire measures the four related negative emotional states of stress, anxiety, depression and life’s events. This assessment tool uses a scale rating system to measure the severity of a range of symptoms related to stress, anxiety, depression and life’s events in effect the questionnaire in a single assessment tool designed by dignity street mental health professionals.

When you submit your completed questionnaire, our mental health professional will analyse the results. This information is used as part of our free one-to-one Zoom appointment. The results will enable the mental health professional to build a picture of your situation and needs even before your appointment.

This method enables us to ‘hit the ground running’ rather than spending your first one-to-one session fact-finding, we are already in a position to discuss solutions to move you forward on a path to recovery.

Your appointment will allow you to meet and talk with your designated health professional and help to define what the issues are and recommend what would be the right course of action for you. If we felt that you required help and resources not offered by our charity, we would explain why and direct you to the appropriate health service provider.

Your Appointment

We have used the following procedure for the online questionnaire to prevent spam and junk email.

Please click the request questionnaire link below and complete the Contact Us form. We will then send you a link to the online questionnaire using the email address you supplied on the form. Once the questionnaire has been submitted, we will contact you to arrange your free consultation generally within three working days (excluding weekends) we will also text the mobile number you supplied on the form to confirm we have sent an email with you with your appointment details.

If you do not receive your link within three days. Please check your spam and junk mail before contacting us. We are not allowed to give the results out over the phone or email.

During the Coronavirus, only online appointments that normally lasts 60 minutes is being offered to clients via Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Dignity Street accept that this is not the perfect solution, but it is the one that is being provided by most organisations throughout the UK during these challenging times.

Always consult your GP if you have any concerns about your health.

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