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Volunteering opportunities are available in our Swansea and Cardiff Centres

With 1 in 4 people in the UK experiencing mental health issues, this area is one of the most challenging facing today’s society. Although the task is huge, every single life that has been transformed through our work is a major triumph and we are always looking for like-minded volunteers to give of their time to help us. We welcome everyone, from mental health professionals to people with no qualifications in our specific field, but who just want to help their fellow human beings by supporting and growing our charity.

Mental health fitness awareness is essential to eradicate the stigma associated with mental health and equip people with the tools to deal with every day life, Including mental health well-being issues and self-care. DSF help them to develop well-being mental health fitness and resilience strategies to overcome, stress, anxiety, depression, low confidence low self-esteem etc. After successfully completing our free volunteers stress management training and supervision, volunteers will be able to help people experiencing stress anxiety depression and teach them self-care and well-being strategies to improve their quality of their live.

Social Media 2/3 hours per week [Including working from home]

Fund Raising Manager P/T

Office Managers job share

Clerical/Office Assistance

Stress Management



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